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1883 Military Pensioners
Transcribed by Dianna Williams
Proofread by Sue Armstrong
Cert. #Name of PensionerPO addressCause of pensionMo. RateMo. Orig Allow
67, 571Mathmia, MaryMcLeansborowidow8.00blank
3,807Bowers, EvelinaMcLeansborowidow8.00Sept 1872
17,665Brandon, MarthaMcLeansborowidow8.00Feb 1879
188,646Rich, Mary MMcLeansborowidow12.00blank
100,539O'Neal, LucindaMcLeansborowidow8.00Oct 1867
118,221Conine, WilliamMcLeansborofather8.00Sep 1868
189,603Dewitt, AmagonisMcLeansboromother800Aug 1880
152,188Carroll, Malinda JMcLeansborowidow12.00Jul 1871
197,778Browder, Eliz'thMcLeansboromother8.00Nov 1882
181,186Boyd, Luanna CMcLeansboromother8.00Mar 1878
77,967Gross, AnnieMcLeansboromother8.00July 1888
192,254Farmer, Sarah AMcLeansborowidow8.00Mar 1881
79,420Gallaher, MargaryMcLeansborowidow8.00July 1886
164,829Steele, JacobMcLeansboroinj to r hand3.00Feb 1880
200,858Riley, JohnMcLeansboroch. diarr8.00Jan 1882
203,625Faulkner, LeonardMcLeansborodis of eyes4.00Feb 1882
176,796Tann, IsaacMcLeansboroinj to r shr & ribs wd l arm2.00Oct 1880
167,915Edwards, Thomas HMcLeansboroch rheum& wd of head12.75May 1880
170,348Echols, ShelveyMcLeansborodis of lungs4.00June 1880
216,447Burnett, Sam'l HMcLeansborolumbago4.00Aug 1882
212,972Bolujack, Wm SMcLeansboronasal catarrh2.00June 1882
179,933Dugan, Henry GMcLeansborodis of lungs & ch diarr8.00Dec 1880
194,063Dewitt, JohnMcLeansboroch diarr4.00Aug 1881
154,339Daily, John WMcLeansboroasthma24.00July 1878
172,685Rice, Wm JMcLeansborowd of r shr4.00Aug 1880
168,192Coker, Wm LMcLeansborodis of eyes18.00May 1880
183,764Crawford, John CMcLeansboroinjury of abdomen4.00Mar 1881
210,313Moore, WmMcLeansboroinjury of abdomen4.00June 1882
210,340Presley, Rob't HMcLeansboroch diarr &dis of abd. vis8.00June 1882
207,902Pirtle, Jesse HMcLeansborodis of lungs6.00May 1882
179,444Anderson, John TMcLeansboroch diarr with dis of abd. vis20.00Dec 1880
215,448Harvey, Felix AMcLeansborodis of heart4.00July 1882
168,973Hart, AlexanderMcLeansboroch diarr & dis of lungs8.00June 1880
186,990Gibbs, Wm PMcLeansboroch diarr & dis of gls vis8.00Apr 1881
83,589Webb, JohnMcLeansborodis of lungs18.00
165,350Gochring, PeterMcLeansboroch diarr12.00Mar 1880
197,870Williams, Joseph SMcLeansborodis of eyes2.00Nov 1881
110,456Maulding, Dan'l MMcLeansboroinjury to abdomen10.00
34,826Carey, Geo WMcLeansboroloss of r arm24.00
91,120Chapman, Friend JMcLeansboropith pul18.00
57,846Carey, David WMcLeansboroch rheum4.00
71,043Crouch, CloydMcLeansborodis of abdominal viscers12.00
10,082Chaplain, ChasMcLeansboroloss of fingers (index, middle, ring) l hand12.00
122,603Reed, Dan'lMcLeansborobrona & lungs dis8.00
95,145Proctor, WmMcLeansboroinjury to abdomen4.00
77,874Woodruff, Dan'l WMcLeansborowd of l leg3.00
123,675Vaughn, John WMcLeansborodis of lungs2.00
2,496Williams, WylieMcLeansboroincised wd of r arm4.00
15,254Blades, James MMcLeansborodis of abdominal viscers12.75
70, 499Standerfer, John BMcLeansboroch rheum12.00
94,329Sharp, JasperMcLeansborowd of l hand6.00
145,342Lane, JohnMcLeansbororheumatism10.00
55,538Lyon, Charles MMcLeansborowd of r leg4.00
101,688Lasater, Absalom AMcLeansborodis of lungs8.50
54,451Harrill, WmMcLeansborowd r arm18.00
97,037Hungate, WmMcLeansborolung dis6.00
88,424Hicks, Sam'lMcLeansboroinj l lumbar region6.00
81,866Miller, John MoFMcLeansborowd l hand3.00
88,200Mayberry, JohnMcLeansborodis of lungs8.00
44,850Jones, Henry TMcLeansborofrac of r arm18.00
28,480Huffstutler, Martin PMcLeansboroch diarr18.00
44,382Daily, LewisMcLeansborowd of hip & leg6.00
116,772Daniel, Woodson RMcLeansboroinj of back & l index finger2.00
89,228Echols, John WMcLeansboroophthalmia8.00
60,579Freeman, HartwellMcLeansboroloss of l arm24.00
18,340Foss, James MMcLeansborowd of l knee14.00
80,516Cooker, JohnMcLeansborofrac of r arm5.00
95,123Cox, JacobMcLeansborospinal dis& bronch8.00
108,287Wilson, JacobMcLeansboroch diarr & injury to abd10.00
108,823O'Neal, Albert LMcLeansborostiffness of l ankle joint8.00
104,732O'Neal, John WMcLeansboropartial paral. of l arm
& shr from g. a. w.
-3,602O'Neal, JohnMcLeansborodis of heart8.00
21,265Shirley, TillmanMcLeansboroloss of two fingers right10.00
54,517Sloane, Thos. OMcLeansborowd of thorax4.00
24,157McDonald, Wm PMcLeansborodis of heart18.00
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