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1883 Military Pensioners
Transcribed by Dianna Williams
Proofread by Sue Armstrong
Cert. #Name of PensionerPO addressCause of pensionMo. RateMo. Orig Allow
87,096Moore, Wm CMcLeansborowd of l hand2.00
86,257Merrell, ThosMcLeansborowd of r forearm4.00
37,656Meador, Rob't LMcLeansborowd of r groin12.75
138,313Glenn, Austin HMcLeansborowd of both shr & l hip12.00
91,708Harris, BurrisMcLeansborowd of l hand18.00
67,345Hall, Hiram WMcLeansborowd of r arm15.00
51,141Harrawood, HenryMcLeansborochr diarr & gen. debility4.00
109,586Huffstutler, Geo WMcLeansborodis of eyes24.00
116,333Hogan, John NMcLeansborotuberculosis8.00
25,306Huffstutler, JohnMcLeansborowd. of r hip24.00
50,093Gibson, James AMcLeansborowd of r leg8.00
8-,004Davis, ReubenMcLeansboroinj of back8.00
90,614Reed, SamuelMcLeansborowd lft side & breast14.00
179,034Hess, AugustMcLeansborog. s. w. rt shoulder8.00Nov 1880
63,532Little, CelinaMcLeansborowidow8.00
56,358Lambert, TamarMcLeansborowidow8.00
1,620Lynn, SebyMcLeansborowidow8.00
183,654Woolridge, Green BMartin's Storeminors12.00
20,771Hammontree, LeahMartin's Storewidow8.00Mar 1879
6,004Allen, MarthaMartin's Storewidow8.00Apr 1888
21,202Brown, ThomasMartin's Storewd l arm5.331/2
108,472Wilson, Henry MMartin's Storechr. diarr10.00
120,031Brummer, RoseannaPiopliswidow8.00Oct 1888
220,921Johnson, Lewis ARural Hilldis of spine &
g. s. w. r knee
8.00Nov 1882
219,411Willis, MosesRural Hillchr rheumatism8.00Oct 1882
32,140Greer, LovinaRural Hillwidow8.00Jan 1882
85,720Barron, Thomas BThackerychr diarr & rheum6.00
179,332Frymire, SarahThackerywidow14.00Dec 1877
178,887Pierce, Sarah LThackerywidow8.00
25,114Jackson, Sarah CThackerywidow8.00
188,442Pemberton, JoshusWalpolebronch15.00Apr 1880
1-1,209Bennett, Wm GWalpoleanch of l hip joint8.00June 1879
193,133Davis, Wm HWalpoleinj to abdomen
from mumps
18.00July 1881
183,715Flanigan, James W - JrWalpolech bronch4.00Mar 1881
217,914Flannigan, Richard JWalpoleinjury to abdomen4.00Sept 1882
33,122O'Neal, Mary AWalpole8.00Mar 1887
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