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1883 Military Pensioners
Transcribed by Dianna Williams
Proofread by Sue Armstrong

The first 5 pensioners are on page 465.  I combined them with this page (page 466)

Cert. #Name of PensionerPO addressCause of pensionMo. RateMo. Orig Allow
86,723Lobdill, MariahBelle Prairiewidow5.00Apr 1870
88,090Field, JamesBelle Prairiewd. R. hip15.00
74,201Johnson, Eliz'th MBradenwidow8.00
18,024Margraves, Eliz'thBradenwidow8.00Apr 1884
98,900Elliott, Marg't EBradenwidow12.00Aug 1882
183,952Oglesby, Nancy EBradenwidow8.00Dec 1881
215,344Shrum, Gideon WBradenrhumatism4.00July 1882
200,059Reeves, James ABradench. Diarriaes4.00Dec 1884
172,083Capp, Andrew CBradenwd. Lft. Knee4.00Aug 1880
172,084Spencer, Peledge HBradenchr rheumatism10.00Aug 1880
9,139Richeson, ElizabethBraden8.00Sep1878
180,163Hardin, Frances JBroughtonwidow8.00
188 702Parker, Emeline JBroughtonwidow17.00Jan 1880
147,819Baugh, Sarah ABroughtonwidow8.00
21,524Young, Cathr'n EBroughtonwidow8.00
29,510Mcmurtry, Eliz'thBroughtonwidow8.00
28,038Hardesty, Phoebe ABroughtonwidow8.00July 1879
174,875Custis, Virginia ABroughtonwidow8.00
223,758Lenray, John TBroughtondis of heart4.00Dec 1882
205,336Smith, Michael ABroughtonerysipelas
& chr diarr
4.00Mar 1882
174,674Grable, HenryBroughtondis of eyes
and bronchitis
10.00Oct 1880
165,643Allen, Wm. DBroughtonchr. diarrhea8.00Mar 1880
51,134Wagener, Samuel BBroughtonwd. r. hip and
result'g varicose viens
rt leg & thigh
6,233Boyd, LyelBroughtonchr. diarrhea18.00
18,182Back, Michael ABroughtonwd. both thighs and
resulting varicous veins
97,035Johnson, CalvinBroughtonwd. rt. hand8.00
118,083Galiher, Salmon SBroughtondis. of liver and lungs10.00
70,355Gilson, James WBroughtoninj rt foot & ankle8.00
65,553Morian, John MDahlgrenwd rt lung8.00
155,810Adams, John QDahlgrendis kidneys2.00Oct 1878
70,348Hamilton, JulietDahlgrenwidow8.00Apr 1866
194,604Dixon, Arthur VDahlgrenminors14.00Feb 1882
194,122Angel, JacobDahlgrenminors12.00Jan 1882
197,462Hogue, Eliz'th MDahlgrenwidow8.00Oct 1882
177,587Wilkey, EllenDahlgrendpt mother8.00June 1877
187,881Tolbert, MalindaDahlgrendpt mother8.00Apr 1880
79,073Corwin, ElizaDahlgrenwidow8.00
77,194Halley, Nancy JDahlgrendo8.00Jan 1879
181,605Sinks, Mahala EDahlgrendo8.00
161,802Claghorn,MacharisDahlgrendpt mother8.00Jul 1871
180,782Manchester,JamesDahlgrendis of brain and spinal cord
with dis of liver & kidneys, result of typhoid fever
8.00Jan 1881
182,123Miller,James ADahlgreninj to back,rt. leg & hip8.00Feb, 1881
201,327Bennet, PhilipDahlgreng.s.w. rt thumb & rt. little finger4.00Jan 1882
172,116McCoy, Simon DDahlgrendis of lungs and lumbago18.00Aug 1880
47,188Wycon,SamuelDahlgrenwd. lt. arm3.00
35,378Irwin,Henry HDahlgrenchr. diarr and inj. to abd2.00
35,169Rigsby,JamesDahlgrenwd r breast6.00
52,083King,IsaacDahlgrenwd l hip6.00
99,807Angel, HiramDahlgrendis. of lungs11.831/3
215,868Williams, Mastin EDelafielddis. of throat & lungs4.00
188,910Standerfer, Anderson FDelafielddis. of stomach & bowels4.00Jul 1882
10,524Echols,Jesse DDelafieldloss lft. hand18.00May 1881
26,380Denny, Joseph HFlintinj. left foot8.00
191,328Holland, AllstinLogansportminors14.00Mar 1881
99,478Crawford, Celia JLogansportwidow8.00
17,998Harrison, NancyLogansportwidow8.00Feb 1879
109,310Arterberry, JaneLogansportdpt. mother8.00May 1875
186,335Huff, Eliz'thLogansportdpt. mother8.00Dec 1879
127,335Fields, Lear LLogansportwidow8.00---
205,609Boyer, IsaacLogansportinj. to back4.00Mar 1882
195,270O'Bryan, JohnLogansportdis of abdominal viscars4.00Sept 1881
28,102Holmes, ZabrealLogansportchr. diarrhea8.00
77,688Campbell, Joseph FLogansportdis of lungs4.00
29,952Pierce, Joseph HLogansportwd. l. hand2.00
222,000Wood, John WLogansportinj. spine4.00Dec 188-
86,231Koger, RichardLower Hillswd. l. arm4.00
96,764Lynn, Martha JMcLeansborowidow8.00
133,968Hamilton, Nancy DMcLeansborowidow8.00
32,948Moorman, JaneMcLeansborowidow8.00Oct 1884
165,049Rich, MiloMcLeansborominor10.00May 1874
187,689Maulding, Walter BMcLeansborominor10.00
182,702Hammontres, John KMcLeansborominor10.00Dec 1875
171,669Allen, Susan CMcLeansborowidow10.00Jan 1876
140,148Barron, MaryMcLeansborowidow8.00
122,630Boggarstaff, MalissaMcLeansborowidow8.00Apr 1880
188,876Bivins, Rebecca JMcLeansborowidow8.00Jun 1880
1,613Coker, CatherineMcLeansborowidow17.00Aug 1871
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