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Hamilton County, Illinois
1883 Military Pensioners
Transcribed by Dianna Williams
Proofread by Sue Armstrong

The following is a transcription of the 1883 List of Military Pensioners for Hamilton County.  This transcription was graciously produced and contributed by Dianna Williams and Sue Armstrong.  The following is Dianna's introduction to the project ...

Source:  List of Pensioners on the Roll, January, 1883, Vol 1
and, The Original United States Government Documents  (Title 2 page w/copyright info)

This is an ILGenWeb Project.  Our goal is to have this project for each of the counties in Illinois.  I knew Mike was busy and I have many deep roots in Hamilton county.  So, I volunteered to transcribe the PDF pensioner pages to text format to display here.

These old 'type print' pages were very small and hard to read.  It took the best of one's ability to transcribe and proof read the data.  When I told Sue about the hardship and I would send this to Mike to proof read, she jumped in and volunteered to help out.

Sometimes names were spelled wrong and the numbers were hard to make out.  But I am a strong believer to display "as it is written" and this is another example of that.  When Sue and I were in doubt, the text or number is italic.

Many thanks to Mike for being too busy to let me do this without him knowing (ha!).  Plus, many thanks to Sue for the hours we spent on the phone at night walking through and proof reading this ... while all you were sleeping....   Without Sue's help, I would never had been able to achieve the goal to complete this.


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