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Mary Priscilla Griffith, b. 24 Dec 1850 in Hamilton Co., IL, daughter of David C. Griffith and Elizabeth Wheeler.  She was married three times, and had a total of nine children, some by each husband.  Mary passed away on 21 Jan 1923 in Cropsey, McLean County, IL.  She is buried in an unmarked grave in the IOOF Cemetery in McLeansboro, Hamilton Co., IL, next to her first husband and her eldest daughter.  Mary m. (1) 6 Aug 1868 to Albert Thompson, son of John Ora Thompson and Dorinda Niver.  Albert and Mary's children were: John Logan Thompson; David William Thompson; Cordelia Jane Thompson; Roscoe Conklin Thompson; and Nicay Dora Leona Thompson.  After Albert's death in 1879, Mary m. (2) 1880 to George Washington Redmon.  She and George had two children: Jacob Elzie Redmon and James Orville Redmon. On , Mary m. (3) 2 Feb 1888 in Hamilton Co. to William Richmond Green.  They had two children: Charles Archibale Green and Melissa Lue Ora Green.
(See obituary on obituary page.)

WILKEY, GARRISON, Etc. Family, ca 1896
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WILKEY, GARRISON, Etc. Family, ca 1896

People in photo (left to right, numbers in brackets correspond to identification numbers in picture below): [1] Della KUYKANDALL; [2] Frank KUYKANDALL; [3] Goldie KUYKANDALL (in arms of father); [4] Emma G. KRAUS (daughter of Holly Jane GARRISON); [5] Lulu KRAUS (child seated, daughter of Emma GARRISON KRAUS); [6] Rosella G. WILKEY (behind Lulu); [7] David Lawson WILKEY (child in Rosella's arms, his name also given as Lawson David WILKEY, died young and at present I don't know his correct name); [8] William J. WILKEY; [9] Franklin Otto WILKEY (boy standing); [12] Mr. and [10] Mrs. Marshall GARRISON and three children ([11] one in mother's arms, [13 & 14] two seated, names not given); [16] Mr. and [15] Mrs. Wilburn GARRISON (standing); [17] Jesse GARRISON (seated in front near flowers, older gentleman with a beard); [18] Edith GARRISON TENNISON; [19] Holly Jane GARRISON; [20] David HALL (seated in front with the white hair and beard).  Children seated on box: [21] Robert KUYKANDALL; [22] Jesse KUYKANDALL; [23] Dwight LOWREY.  [24] Charlie LOWREY (standing); [25] Mary Lowrey (Charlie's mother); [26] Della LOWREY (Mary's daughter); [27] Jesse LOWREY (boy kneeling); [28] Stella LOWREY (girl sitting); [29] Julia TENNISON (standing); [30] Martha TENNISON (standing at right hand end).  Children seated on ground: [31] Riley TENNISON; [32] Flora TENNISON; [33] Raymond TENNISON.

Identifications of people in picture

Submitter notes:  This picture dates from about 1896, taken in IL, probably Hamilton or a nearby county.  The list of people in the picture was given by my father, Carson Marshall WILKEY.  The spellings of the surnames are his.  There exist other spellings for KUYKANDALL and LOWREY, especially, but I believe they are all the same names.  Carson's parents were [6] Rosella GARRISON WILKEY and [8] William Jasper WILKEY, shown in this picture with children [7] David Lawson WILKEY (or Lawson David ), and [9] Franklin Otto WILKEY, my father's older brothers.  This picture taken ca 1896, my father was born in 1897.  The people in this picture are mostly relations of Rosella GARRISON WILKEY, daughter of [17] Jesse GARRISON and [19] Holly Jane HALL GARRISON.  I believe the others, KUYKANDALLs, KRAUS's, TENNISONs, and LOWREYs, are the married sisters and brothers of Rosella and their spouses and children.  [20] David HALL was the father of [19] Holly Jane HALL GARRISON.  His wife, Mary Ann DAY, died in 1892.  Mary Ann, the mother of Holly Jane, is believed to be an American Indian.  Her daughter, Holly, looks Indian in this picture.  I also have another picture of Holly, taken shortly before her death, and again she appears very likely to be of Indian blood.

See Family Information page for descendants of Henry WILKEY.

John Henry UPTON
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John Henry UPTON John Henry UPTON, b. 29 Oct 1837 in Hamilton Co., IL, d. 10 Feb 1908 in Hamilton Co., IL, m. 28 Dec 1865 to Ann E. DERRICK.
(See obituary on obituary page, and also see John H. Upton tribute page.)

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