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Welcome to the Hamilton County, Illinois Miscellaneous page.  This page is devoted to miscellaneous records, history, and any other information relating to Hamilton County.  This can include such things as bible records, obituaries, church records, old pictures (preferably in jpeg format), old newpaper articles, histories of Hamilton County towns, townships, or families.  It can be just about anything of genealogical interest relating to Hamilton County.  However, limited web space prevents me from posting such things as gedcoms.  Please use the Hamilton County, IL Query/Data board to post your data items and utilize the Message Type option to classify the items.  Also, visit James Gholson's Southern Illinois Photo Exchange for posting your family photos.  If you have anything else you think might be of interest, feel free to contact me.

Family Information

Descendants of Lewis GREEN  (John Byrd)
Descendants of TRAMMELL Family  (John Byrd)
Descendants of John DAILEY  (John Byrd)
Descendants of Isom TOLLEY  (John Byrd)
Descendants of John UPTON, Sr.  (John Byrd)
Descendants of James PARKHILL, Sr.  (John Byrd)
John W. DAILEY Family Tree  (Marilyn Kizer Abel)
Descendants of Henry WILKEY  (Patricia Wilkey Gilstrap)


McCoy Library & Peoples National Bank  (McLeansboro.com)
Dale School Class, 1873 (or 1893)  (Misty Flannigan)
Dale School Class, late 1800s  (Misty Flannigan)
Broughton H.S. 1927-28 Championship Basketball Team  (Misty Flannigan)
Luke ANDERSON (?) and Unidentified Woman  (Misty Flannigan)
Man on Horse & Buggy  (Michael L. Hébert)
WOODRUFF Couple, late 1800s  (Michael L. Hébert)
WOODRUFF Couple, early 1900s  (Michael L. Hébert)
George W. WOODRUFF and Sam TOLBERT, ca 1900  (Michael L. Hébert)
WILKEY, GARRISON, Etc. Family, ca 1896  (Patricia Wilkey Gilstrap)
John Henry UPTON  (Scott Green)

Odds & Ends

Newspaper article on Killing of Mr. FLANEGAN  (Misty Flannigan)
Old letter of Wilson BUTLER, 1895  (Pamela Duprest)
Bio. of James Wallace FLANNIGAN  (Misty Flannigan)
Obit. of Emma (CLARK) FREEMAN, d. 29 Dec 1870  (Misty Flannigan)
Obit. of Robert Harrison FLANNIGAN, d. 22 Nov 1882  (Misty Flannigan)
Obit. of Mary Priscilla GRIFFITH THOMPSON REDMON GREEN, d. 21 Jan 1923  (Scott Green)
Obit. of John Henry UPTON, d. 10 Feb 1908  (Scott Green)
Will of Larin B. FLANNIGAN, 26 Aug 1909  (Misty Flannigan)

Please feel free to submit your Hamilton County, Illinois material by contacting me.  Thanks.


Michael L. Hébert
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