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Descendants of Lewis GREEN
 submitted by
John Byrd

Generation No. 1
Lewis GREEN was one of the early settlers of Hamilton County.  He died there 28 Feb 1845.
    Will of Lewis GREEN
In the name of God, Amen:
I, Lewis GREEN of the County of Hamilton and State of IL, being weak in body but sound in mind and memory do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all others, and I do so hereby appoint William GREEN, my son, to be my executor of this, my last Will and Testament.
It is my will that all my just debts be paid.  My further will and desire is that my son William GREEN have extra my sorrel mare, my cupboard, a side-saddle and saddle-bags and six bee stands, one yoke of oxen and cart, one large cast iron kettle and one dutch oven and lid, one cow and calf named Hart and one chest.
It is my further will and desire that my son William GREEN and Katherine WILLIAMS and Eliza WILLIAMS and Malinda WILLIAMS, Caleb WILLIAMS, the children of Charles WILLIAMS, to have my real estate (vis) known as east half of the South West quartet of section no. Twenty four in township four South of Range six East containing eighty acres, and the balance of my personal property to be sold at twelve months credit and divided as follows:
My son William to have half of the sale money and the above named children to have the other half, except Katherine and Eliza deduct fourteen dollars from each of their share which they have had.  In testimony whereof I have set my hand and affixed my seal this eleventh day of Aprol, A. D. One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty-Four.
Lewis GREEN (seal)
I hereby declare my intention not to execute this will.  February 28, 1845
William GREEN
Generation No. 2
William GREEN was b. ca 1805 in KY and d. Jan 20, 1882 in Hamilton Co., IL.  He m. Sep 19, 1822 in Hamilton Co. to Mary TRAMMELL, dau. of Gerrard TRAMMELL and his wife Bashiba. William and Mary are buried in Mt.Pleasant Cemetery.
Generation No. 3
Lewis GREEN was b. ca 1824 and d. Nov 24, 1894.  He m. (1) May 11, 1848 to Sally Gatlin, (2) Mar 19, 1878 to Phoeba GLENN, and (3) Jan 1, 1889 to Sarah Catherine FINN, b. in Adair Co., KY,
dau. of John FINN and Lucitta GROVES.  Lewis GREEN served in the Civil War.
Generation No. 4
Lillie Belle GREEN was b. Nov 22, 1889 and d. Oct 17, 1979.  She m. Aug 10, 1907 to William Henry TOLLEY, son of Daniel Morgan TOLLEY and Isabell Denise PARKHILL, dau. of John PARKHILL and Martha PATTERSON.

Descendants of the TRAMMELL Family
 submitted by
John Byrd

The TRAMMELL family came from France, settling first in Devon and then in Suffolk, England.
Generation No. 1
Thomas TRAMMELL and wife Dorothy BOGS, dau. of Capt. Thomas BOGS
Known children:
Generation No. 2
Generation No. 3
Thomas TRAMMELL and wife Mary WILLIAMS, dau. of John WILLIAMS.  Thomas was b. 1650 in Devonshire, England and d. 1725 in Stafford Co., VA.  In the spring of 1671, Thomas sailed from Bristol, England to America.  He signed an agreement 5 Mar 1674/75 to work for 4 years for Francis WYETH.  At the end of that time, he was given 50 acres of land in the colony.  He eventually owned plantations in St Paul's and Overwharton Parishes, both in Stafford County.  At that time, tobacco was brought to the Stafford ports for export. Thomas died 1720/21. His estate in Stafford Co. was probated in 1725/26.
Known Child:
Generation No. 4
John TRAMMELL was b. 17 Feb 1675 in Stafford Co., VA. He had at least one brother and one sister.  He m. 19 Sep 1698 to a French woman named Mary Gerrard HUTT.  He inherited land from his grandfather John WILLIAMS and lived in Westmoreland Co., VA.  He d. 1730 in Falls Church, Stafford Co., VA.
Children (8) Known:
Gerrard TRAMMELL, Sr.
Generation No. 5
Gerrard TRAMMELL, Sr.
Four brothers - John, Sampson, Gerrard, and William TRAMMELL owned large tracts of land in and around Falls Church, Fairfax Co., VA.
On 20 March, 1746, by deed of record in Fairfax Courthouse, John TRAMMELL transferred by deed to the Vestry of Truro Parish in Fairfax Co. a certain parcel of land containing "two acres where the upper church is to be laid off in such a manner as the Vestry shall think proper, to include said church, church yard, spring, and all appurtenances to the said premises."  John TRAMMELL received fifty shillings sterling for the land.  The contract awarded on 9 Jun 1753 is the earliest record concerning the building at Falls Church.  By order of the Vestry dated 13 Oct 1754, John TRAMMELL was paid 320 pounds of tobacco "for grubbing a place for the church."
Gerrard TRAMMELL was Sexton at the meeting of the Vestry held 12 Nov 1759.  At the meeting of the Vestry held 3 Oct 1763, Gerrard TRAMMELL was Sexton of the church and also acted as constable.  He served as Sexton from 1767 to 1776.  On the 12 Jan 1764 meeting, it was ordered by the Fairfax Court that Sampson TRAMMELL, William TRAMMELL, William NODING, and Hugh CONN "view the most convient way for a road to be opened .."
In 1784, Sampson TRAMMELL was living two miles West of Falls Church, and there George WASHINGTON and Doctor CRAIK stopped on their way to WASHINGTON's western land.
Gerrard TRAMMELL, Sr was b. ca 1702 (Fairfax Co., VA land records of land standing, Page 256) and d. 1786 near Falls Church.  His Will, dated 16 Nov 1786 (Fairfax County Will Book E, #1, Page 148) mentions his wife Mary and eight children.  He also mentions a grandson Gerrard TRAMMELL who he left his "still and warm pone mash."  Colonel James WREN furnished a burial sheet.  An inventory of his estate was made 16 Dec 1786 by Charles BROADWATER and Thomas GUNNELL.
Children (8) of Gerrard and Mary TRAMMELL:
Gerrard TRAMMELL, Jr.
Margaret TRAMMELL, m. Samuel JENKINS
Pricilla TRAMMELL, m.   ?   DYAL
Generation No. 6
Gerrard TRAMMELL, Jr.
Known child of Gerrard TRAMMELL, Jr.:
Generation No. 7
Garrett TRAMMELL and wife Bashiba were early settlers of Hamilton Co., IL.
Known children of Gerreard and Bashiba TRAMMELL:
Generation No. 8
Mary TRAMMELL was b. in TN and d. 22 Apr 1885 in Hamilton Co., IL.  She m. 19 Sep 1922 in Hamilton Co. to William GREEN, son of Lewis GREEN.  (see above)

Descendants of John DAILEY
 submitted by
John Byrd

Generation No. 1
John DAILEY was b. ca 1763.  He married Elizabeth WILSON, dau. of George WILSON.  He was a private in the Revolutionary War, enlisting 5 Mar 1781 from Berkley Co., VA and served in a Company of the 4th Virginia Regiment in a Battalion composed of the different Regiments of the Virginia Line commanded by Lieutenant Colonel POSEY.  Between 1 Sep and 1 Dec 1782, he was transferred to a Company that was designated at various times as captain Clough SHELTON's 1st Company and a Company of the 6th Virginia Regiment, same Battalion.  On 21 Jun 1785, he was granted 200 acres (Virginia Land Warrant) for service in the war.  John DAILEY made application for pension 25 May 1818 at which time he resided in Hampshire Co., VA and was 55 years of age.  His pension was allowed for two years and six months actual service as a private in the Virginia Troops, Revolutionary War.
Known children of John DAILEY and Elizabeth WILSON:
William Wilson DAILEY
Generation No. 2
John W. DAILEY, SR. was b. ca 1774 in VA and d. 26 Oct 1865 in Hamilton Co., IL.  He and his wife, Polly MAULDING, are buried in Ten Mile Cemetery.  He was a charter member of this church which was started in 1820, one of the three oldest churches in IL.  He was in NC prior to 1807, KY prior to 1813, and was one of the early settlers of Hamilton Co., for he and his family were here prior to 1820.
Known children of John W. DAILEY, Sr. and Polly MAULDING:
1. Lewis DAILEY, m. 15 Nov 1838 to Celia T. MAULDING
2. William DAILEY, b. ca 1800, d. 24 Aug 1874, m. (1) to Harriett HUGHES, (2) 16 Aug 1827 to Hannah HUGHES
3. Anderson DAILEY, b. ca 1801, d. 22 Jul 1889, m. 26 Nov 1856 to Susannah BOND
4. Nancy DAILEY, b. ca 1805, d. ca 1851
5. Jane DAILEY
6. John W. DAILEY, Jr., b. ca 1812, m. 8 Mar 1831 to Jane ARNOLD
7. Levi DAILEY, b. 7 Jan 1813 in KY, m. Nancy STAUGH
8. Harvey J. DAILEY, b. ca 1814, d. 6 May 1870, m. 2 Feb 1836 to Jiney INGRAM
9. Mary E. DAILEY, b. 2 Feb 1820, d. 6 Feb 1897, m. John STANDERFER  [Marilynn (Standerfer) Weems reports that this should be Job STANDERFER.]
10. Elizabeth DAILEY, b. ca 1822, d. ca 1878, m. 5 Aug 1838 to John BOND
11. Vincent DAILEY, b. 30 No 1834, d. 26 Nov 1856, m. Elizabeth BOND
Generation No. 3
Jane DAILEY was b. 1 Jul 1809 and d. 16 Sep 1890.  She m. Daniel TOLLEY, son of Isom TOLLEY and Isabell WHITESIDES.  Jane and Daniel are buried in Blooming Grove Cemetery, McLeansboro. The inscriptions on their tombstones reads:

b. March 8, 1804
d. November 26, 1878
74 y, 7 m, 18 d
Jane, wife of Daniel
b. July 1, 1809
d. September 16, 1890

Descendants of Isom TOLLEY
 submitted by
John Byrd

Generation No. 1
Isom TOLLEY was b. ca 1764 in VA.  J.C.D. Powell, in his book The Early Settlers of Sangamon County, IL, states that Isom went to Bourbon Co.,, KY as a young man and while in KY married Isaabel WHITESIDES.  Powell states that Isom had six children in KY and that by Oct 1863, he located in what is now "Loqmi Township" in Sangamon Co.  In the various records tracing Isom, the possibility exists that his name is spelled more than one way, such as Isam, Isham, Isom, etc.  There is a possibility that Isom had at least one brother named Cornelius, for in Mercer Co., KY on 19 Feb a Cornelius TOLLEY married Margaret PHILLIPS and on 15 Oct 1791, Isham TOLLEY married Isabell WILSON WHITESIDES.  William WHITESIDES was the bondsman.
Children of Isom and Isabell:
Elizabeth TOLLEY
*Daniel TOLLEY
Generation 2
Daniel TOLLEY was b. 8 Mar 1804 in KY and d. 26 Nov 1878 in Hamilton Co., IL.  He married Jane DAILEY, daughter of John W.
DAILEY, Sr., and his wife Polly MAULDING.  Daniel and his wife Jane are buried in Blooming Grove Cemetery, McLeansboro, IL.  (See above for their tombstone inscriptions).  In the History of Hamilton County, Illinois, it is stated that Daniel TOLLEY built the third frame house in the town of McLeansboro.
Children of Daniel and Jane:
*Vincent TOLLEY
Isom TOLLEY - in 1850 Sangamon County Census, is living with his
grandfather and is shown to be 21 years old.
Elizabeth TOLLEY
Franklin TOLLEY
Margaret TOLLEY
Ransome TOLLEY
William TOLLEY
Generation No. 3
Vincent TOLLEY was b. ca 1827 and married 24 Aug 1850 in Hamilton Co. to Elizabeth Ann UPTON, daughter of David UPTON and Hannah MOORE.
Children of Vincent TOLLEY and Hannah MOORE:
Mary Jane TOLLEY
Hannah S. TOLLEY
John Fort TOLLEY
*Daniel Morgan TOLLEY
William F. TOLLEY, m. Bertie FINN
Nancy Margaret TOLLEY
Charles TOLLEY
Generation No. 4
Daniel Morgan TOLLEY was b. 20 Oct 1861 and d. 4 Mar 1948 in Hamilton Co.  He married 31 Jul 1879 to Isabell Denise PARKHILL, daughter of John PARKHILL and Martha PATTERSON.
Children of Daniel Morgan TOLLEY and Isabell PARKHILL:
Chloe TOLLEY, m. Charles MAULDING
Clarence V. TOLLEY
Mary TOLLEY, m. Charles WALDEN
*William Henry TOLLEY
Ernest TOLLEY, m. Chloe CLARK
Nora TOLLEY, m. William EMERSON
Lawrence TOLLEY
Hazel TOLLEY, m. Earl K. MORRIS
Generation No. 5
William Henry TOLLEY was b. 13 Dec 1883 and d. 31 May 1961 in Hamilton Co.  He married 10 Aug 1907 to Lillie Belle GREEN, daughter of Lewis GREEN and Sarah Catherine FINN.
Children of William Henry TOLLEY and Sarah Catherine FINN:
William Elvis TOLLEY
*Omer Ralph TOLLEY
Generation No. 6
Omer Ralph TOLLEY was born 18 Jun 1914 in Hamilton Co. and d. 9 Mar 1973 in Urbana, IL.  He married 16 Jul 1933 to Maxine Margaret SCHWARTZ, daughter of Herman SCHWARTZ and Hazel BLACK.
Children of Omer Ralph TOLLEY and Maxine Margaret SCHWARTZ:
Randell Lee TOLLEY, b. 28 Jul 1934
*Kathryn Gerene Tolley
Larry Dean TOLLEY, b. 14 Jun 1945
Eddie Joe TOLLEY, b. 2 Dec 1952
Generation No. 7
Kathryn Gerene TOLLEY, b. 21 Nov 1935
  m. (1) 7 Jun 1953 to Paul McDADE
   child: Ricky Eugene McDADE, b. 13 Oct 1954
  m. (2) 10 Jan 1958 in Rantoul, IL to John Alexander BYRD
   child: Cheryl Ann BYRD

Descendants of John UPTON, Sr.
 submitted by
John Byrd

Generation No. 1
John UPTON, Sr., the first known of this family, was probably b. before the middle of the 1700's.  A not very plausible tradition has John and six brothers landing in New Orleans and from there to PA, from there to NC where John made a home near Fayetteville, Cumberland Co. where he owned some kind of mill.  His wife's name seems to have been Deliah ___.  There is no complete list of his children or order of births.
Known Children:
*John UPTON, Jr.
David UPTON, b. ca. 1775
James UPTON, b. ca 1777
Joseph UPTON, b. ca. 1779
Generation No. 2
John UPTON, Jr. left NC ca 1814 and settled in Smith Co., TN with his first wife Eleanor BAXLEY.  Eleanor died in Smith County and John's house and goods were destroyed by fire.  He married second to Ozina SHAW and they moved to White Co., IL.
Children of John UPTON, Jr. and Eleanor BAXLEY:
Elydia UPTON
William UPTON, b. ca 1799
Richard UPTON, b. ca. 1802
Mary UPTON, b. 15 October, 1804
John N. UPTON, b. ca 1805
Joseph UPTON, b. ca 1806
*David UPTON
Children of John UPTON and Ozina SHAW:
Elizabeth UPTON
Solomon UPTON
Margaret UPTON
Generation No. 3
David UPTON was b. 12 Mar 1809 in NC and was eight years old when he arrived in White Co., IL.  He later located to Beaver Twp., Hamilton Co., IL.  In Aug 1854, the Church of God, located in Beaver Twp., was organized with services being held in the barn of David.  He married (1) 13 Sep 1830 to Hannah MOORE who was b. 27 Nov 1809 and d. 14 Aug 1876.  He married (2) 23 Oct 1879 to Elizabeth McNABB, and at the age of 80 he married (3) 2 Jan 1890 to Lucretta HORNBACK.  He d. 12 Jan 1896 and is buried in Upton Cemetery, Springerton, Hamilton Co., IL.
Children of David UPTON and Hannah MOORE:
Isaiah UPTON, m. 5 Nov 1863 to Maria M. LAIRD
*Elizabeth Ann UPTON
Jesse UPTON, m. Mary Lavicca DENTON
James UPTON, m. Martha Jane PHELPS
Francis Marion UPTON, m. (1) Malissa DAILEY, m. (2) Anna CRABTREE
Nancy UPTON, m. John Logan TOLLEY
Generation No. 4
Elizabeth Ann UPTON was b. ca 1832 and m. 24 Aug 1850 to Vincent TOLLEY, the son of Daniel TOLLEY and Jane DAILEY.

Descendants of James PARKHILL, Sr.
 submitted by
John Byrd

Generation No. 1
James PARKHILL, Sr. was b. ca 1750 in Ireland and came to this country by 1774 and settled at Fort Loudon, Peters Twp., Franklin County, PA.  He died there in 1838 at the age of 88.  His wife was Jane ___.  He served during the Revolutionary War as a private in the "Flying Camp" commanded by General EWING and marched on Trenton to join the army commanded by General WASHINGTON.  In 1833 his application for service was approved (File S-23842).  His will was probated 4 Dec 1838 and five children are named:
*James PARKHILL, Jr.
Generation No. 2
James PARKHILL, Jr. was b. ca 1790 in Franklin Co., PA and m. 13 Feb 1810 in Mercerburg, Franklin Co. to Elizabeth CAMPBELL who was b. ca 1791 in PA.  During the War of 1812, he served in Captain BEATT's Company.  After 1820, he moved to a farm near Concord, Adams Twp., Guernsey Co., OH.  He died there in Oct 1838.  His will was filed 3 Nov 1838 and his wife was still living there as late as 1860.
Children of James PARKHILL and Elizabeth CAMPBELL:
Andrew PARKHILL, m. Susan Marie NEWLAND
Elizabeth PARKHILL
Washington PARKHILL
Eleanor PARKHILL, m. James DOTHARD
Generation No. 3
John PARKHILL was b. 13 Dec 1813 in Franklin Co., PA.  He m. 28 Mar 1839 in Guernsey Co., OH to Martha PATTERSON, daughter of Henry PATTERSON and Jane CHAMBERS.  After 1864 he moved with his family to Hamilton Co., IL where on 22 Sep 1871 his wife Martha died.  He m. (2) 1873 to Mary L. HELMS who was b. ca 1844 in KY.  John PARKHILL died 27 Dec 1891 and is buried beside his first wife at Middle Creek Cemetery, Hamilton Co.  He was the father of thirteen children by his first wife and three by his second wife.
Children of John PARKHILL and Martha PATTERSON:
Elizabeth PARKHILL, b. 25 Jul 1841, d. 19 Dec 1893, m. 23 Dec 1886 to Theophilus JONES
James W. PARKHILL, b. 29 Nov 1843, d. 28 Jan 1865
Henry PARKHILL, b. 5 Oct 1845, d. 11 Mar 1885, m. Mary Jane MCFOOS
Mary Ann PARKHILL, b. 22 Apr 1847, d. 9 Mar 1922, m. Benjamin F. JOHNSON
Sarah E. PARKHILL, b. 27 Jan 1849, d. 21 Jul 1929
John PARKHILL, b. 1851, d. 29 Sep 1853
Alonzo PARKHILL, b. 28 Mar 1853, d. 1898, m. Julie HOLLEY
Vincent PARKHILL, b. 27 Jan 1855, d. 27 Mar 1929, m. Anna LEWEY
Maggie C. PARKHILL, b. 6 Mar 1857, d. 21 Jul 1941, m. George M. MITCHELL
Eva Estelle PARKHILL, b. 25 Mar 1859, d. 3 Apr 1938, m. Francis Marion CROSS
Ida Mae PARKHILL, b. 22 Jul 1862, d. 13 Feb 1936, m. John UNDERWOOD
*Isabell D. PARKHILL
William W. PARKHILL, b. 13 Apr 1867, d. 6 Jun 1925, m. Elizabeth A. COOPER
Children of John PARKHILL and MARY HELMS:
Edith A. PARKHILL, b. 12 Aug 1874, d. 24 Dec 1940, m. John Logan TOLLEY
George A. PARKHILL, b. 22 Jul 1878, d. 14 Apr 1910, m. Isabel RAUSH
Generation No. 4
Isabell Denise PARKHILL was b. 18 May 1864 in Guernsey Co., OH and d. 27 Dec 1957 in Hamilton Co., IL.  She m. 31 Jul 1879 to Daniel Morgan TOLLEY, son of Vincent TOLLEY and Elizabeth UPTON.

John W. DAILEY Family Tree
 submitted by
Marilyn Kizer Abel

John W. Dailey Family Tree
September 6, 1997

JOHN W. DAILEY SR. b. abt. 1774, VA, m. POLLY MAULDING. JOHN died 26-Oct-1865, Hamilton Co., IL, buried: Ten Mile Cem., Hamilton Co., IL. Surname was spelled Dailey, but most records left off the "e". This is why I have two different spellings.

I. LEWIS DAILY. Married Celia T. Maulding Nov. 15, 1838.

II. WILLIAM DAILY b. abt. 1800, d. 24-Aug-1874. First wf. - Harriett Hughes; second wf. - Hannah Hughes marr. 16-Aug-1827.

III. ANDERSON DAILY b. 15-Aug-1801, VA, m. 30-Nov-1824, in Hamilton Co., IL, SUSAN BOND, b. 14-Dec-1808, Washington Co., KY, (daughter of MARSTEN (Mastin) BOND and TABITHA NORD) d. 24-Feb-1888, Hamilton Co., IL. ANDERSON died 22-Jul-1889, IL.

A. JOHN W. DAILY b. abt. 1830, IL.

B. MARY ANN DAILY b. 28-Jan-1832, Hamilton Co., IL, m. 15-Jan-1852, in Hamilton Co., IL, GEORGE P. TEDFORD, b. 27-Sep-1826, d. 13-Jan-1898, near Delafield, Hamilton Co., IL, buried: Blooming Grove Cem., Hamilton Co., IL. MARY died 11-Jan-1898, near Delafield, Hamilton Co., IL, buried: Blooming Grove Cem., Hamilton Co., IL. GEORGE: Parents - James & Sarah Tedford.

1. SARAH A. TEDFORD b. 29-Apr-1854, Homestead,Crouch Twp., Hamilton Co., IL, m. 8-Mar-1875, JOHN L. ROSS. SARAH died 14-Apr-1918, McLeansboro, Hamilton Co., IL, buried: Blooming Grove Cem., Hamilton Co., IL.

a. ANNA ROSS d. as an infant.




2. ANDERSON CALVIN TEDFORD b. 30-Apr-1857, Hamilton Co., IL, m. 6-Nov-1881, ALETHA HAYTER. ANDERSON died 3-Mar-1927, Hamilton Co., IL, buried: 100F Cem., IL.

a. FRANK TEDFORD d. abt. 1907.







C. LEVI DAILY b. abt. 1834, IL.

D. R.M. DAILY b. abt. 1840, IL.

E. TABITHA DAILY b. abt. 1842, IL.

F. LEANDER C. DAILY C. b. abt. 1844, IL.


H. SARAH E. DAILY b. abt. 1850, IL.

IV. VINCENT DAILY b. abt. 1803, NC, m. 31-Dec-1827, in Hamilton Co., IL, ELIZABETH BOND, b. abt. 1810, Washington Co., KY, (daughter of MARSTEN (Mastin) BOND and TABITHA NORD). VINCENT died 26-Nov-1856, Hamilton Co., IL.

A. JAMES DAILY b. abt. 1832, Hamilton Co., IL.

B. MASTON W. DAILY b. abt. 1835, Hamilton Co., IL, occupation Farmer, m. MRS. MASTON W. (Harriett) DAILY, b. abt. 1838, KY.

1. LUCY DAILY b. abt. 1866, IL.

2. LILLIE DAILY b. abt. 1869, IL.

3. WILFORD R. DAILY b. abt. 1874, IL.

C. MARY DAILY b. abt. 1837, Hamilton Co., IL.

D. JOHN H. DAILY b. abt. 1843, Hamilton Co., IL.

E. MAHALA C. DAILY b. abt. 1845, Hamilton Co., IL.

F. FRANCIS M. DAILY b. abt. 1847, Hamilton Co., IL.

V. NANCY DAILY b. abt. 1805, d. abt. 1851.

VI. JANE DAILY b. 1-Jul-1809, d. 16-Sep-1890, buried: Blooming Grove Cem., Hamilton Co., IL. Husband - Daniel Tolley b. 8-Mar-1804, d. 26-Nov-1878.

VII. JOHN W. DAILY b. abt. 1812. Married Jane Arnold 8-Mar-1831.

VIII. LEVI DAILY b. 7-Jan-1813, KY. Wife - Nancy Staugh.

IX. HARVEY J. DAILY b. abt. 1814, d. 6-May-1870. Married Jiney Ingram 2-Feb-1836.

X. MARY E. DAILY b. 2-Feb-1820, d. 6-Feb-1897. Husband - John Standerfer.

XI. ELIZABETH DAILY b. 11-Oct-1822, near McLeansboro, Hamilton Co., IL, m. 5-Aug-1838, in Hamilton Co., IL, JOHN BOND, b. abt. 1817, Washington Co., KY, (son of MARSTEN (Mastin) BOND and TABITHA NORD) occupation Sheriff, d. 25-Jun-1899, Crouch Twsp., Hamilton Co., IL. ELIZABETH died 28-Apr-1877, near Delafield, Hamilton Co., IL.

A. WILBURN BOND b. 15-Feb-1840, IL, occupation Farmer, m. (1) 3-Nov-1859, EVALINE MAULDING, m. (2) 3-Jul-1877, in Hamilton Co., IL, CELESTIE J. FITZGERALD, b. abt. 1846, IL, m. (3) 23-Apr-1904, in Hamilton Co., IL, HARRIETT M. COKER, b. abt. 1857. WILBURN died 6-Sep-1922, Hamilton Co., IL.

1. CHARITY C. BOND (daughter of WILBURN BOND and EVALINE MAULDING) b. abt. 1860, m. (1) 1-Jul-1879, in Delafield, Hamilton Co., IL, SIDNEY BURTON, b. abt. 1850, m. (2) 15-Jan-1883, in Hamilton Co., IL, WILLIAM F. FAIT, b. abt. 1854.

2. ANN BOND (daughter of WILBURN BOND and EVALINE MAULDING) b. abt. 1863, IL, m. abt. 1879, PINKNEY HOLLAND, b. abt. 1862, IL.

3. LUCAS BOND (son of WILBURN BOND and EVALINE MAULDING) b. abt. 1864, IL, m. (1) 24-Nov-1889, in Hamilton Co., IL, MARY J. O'NEAL, b. abt. 1865, m. (2) 10-Apr-1902, in Hamilton Co., IL, ALICE C. ELLIS, b. abt. 1881.

4. LOUISA A. BOND (daughter of WILBURN BOND and EVALINE MAULDING) b. abt. 1865, m. 11-Nov-1884, in Hamilton Co., IL, JEREMIAH J. FITZGERALD, b. abt. 1859.

5. WILLIAM RILEY BOND (son of WILBURN BOND and EVALINE MAULDING) b. abt. 1870, m. (1) 18-Oct-1894, in Hamilton Co., IL, STELLA G. BARBEE, b. abt. 1875, m. (2) 9-Apr-1902, in Hamilton Co., IL, LILLIE SMITH, b. abt. 1880.


7. LUCY E. BOND (daughter of WILBURN BOND and EVALINE MAULDING) b. abt. 1874, m. 1-Aug-1893, in McLeansboro, Hamilton Co., IL, JAMES W. JAMESON, b. abt. 1872.

8. MARY ELLEN BOND (daughter of WILBURN BOND and CELESTIE J. FITZGERALD) b. abt. 1881, IL, m. 13-Jan-1901, in Hamilton Co., IL, RILEY BULLOCK, b. abt. 1877.


B. LEONARD BOND b. abt. 1843, IL, m. 5-Feb-1863, in Hamilton Co., IL, LORENA HENSLEY, b. 12-Oct-1844, Tennessee, d. 21-Feb-1928, Hamilton Co., IL. LORENA: First name may be Erma.

1. MARY ELDORADO BOND b. abt. 1863, IL, m. 4-Aug-1881, in Hamilton Co., IL, JOHN D. HOOKER, b. abt. 1858.

2. JOHN E. BOND b. 24-May-1867, IL, m. 24-Sep-1891, in Hamilton Co., IL, EDA M. DAVISDAVIS, EDA M., b. abt. 1867. JOHN died 14-Sep-1927, Hamilton Co., IL.

3. FLORA BOND b. abt. 1870, IL, m. 2-Jul-1892, in Hamilton Co., IL, JOSEPH D. HARRISON, b. abt. 1859.

4. HARRY BOND b. abt. 1874, IL.

5. NEVADA BOND b. abt. 1878, IL, m. 12-Nov-1893, in Hamilton Co., IL, SAMUEL W. WITTERS, b. abt. 1862.

C. EVALINE BOND b. abt. 1843, IL.

D. WILLIAM RILEY BOND b. 6-Mar-1847, IL, occupation Farmer, m. 8-Jan-1871, in Hamilton Co., IL, MARTHA HAYTER, b. abt. 1853, IL. WILLIAM died 28-Apr-1915, Hamilton Co., IL.

1. HULDA E. BOND E. b. abt. 1871, IL, m. 10-Sep-1890, in Hamilton Co., IL, WILLIAM H.F. BRIDEWELL, b. abt. 1861.

2. NELLIE E. BOND b. abt. 1875, IL, m. 19-Aug-1894, in Hamilton Co., IL, JAMES A. ADAMS, b. abt. 1872.

3. IDA BOND b. abt. 1878, IL, m. 23-Dec-1896, in Hamilton Co., IL, WILLIAM SIMONSEN, b. abt. 1875.

4. OLLIE BOND b. abt. 1878, IL, m. 23-Dec-1896, in Hamilton Co., IL, JAMES MACKEY, b. abt. 1872. Ida & Ola had a double wedding.

5. HUGH BOND b. abt. 1880, IL, m. 20-Mar-1902, in Hamilton Co., IL, GOLDIE HUNT, b. abt. 1884.

6. ALLIE BOND b. abt. 1885, IL, m. 20-Apr-1902, in Hamilton Co., IL, PHILLIP SHERIDAN SUTTLE, b. abt. 1882.

E. SARAH C. BOND b. abt. 1849, IL, m. 23-Jul-1871, in Hamilton Co., IL, TAYLOR BARNETT.

F. MARY ALICE BOND b. abt. 1858, IL, m. 2-Jul-1876, in Hamilton Co., IL, JOHN B. ECHOLS, b. abt. 1855.

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